About the Old School


The Old School is an experimental free and open university. Courses are organized by the Old School Fellows, who are both faculty and student body. Anyone who has something they would like to teach or something they would like to learn, or both, is welcome to become a Fellow.

Many Old School courses have been organized as symposia, with a discussion of a subject around a table over a collaborative dinner, but the school is eager to host courses organized by Fellows in other formats: tutorials, lectures, or labor-for-learning projects, such as building a boat, or publishing a magazine.

This is our third year of operation. Fellows have organized symposia and other courses on subjects from home economics to photography to school reform, to the evidence for extraterrestrial life.

If you have a symposium or other course that you would like to organize, or an idea for one that you wish someone else would organize, or just would like to be on our list for advance notice of events, please become a Fellow.